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Two old dudes met at beer shelf of local food shop Sinervö and the idea for a local distillery was born.

Thus, probably the smallest craft distillery in Finland was born. Here, we pour our knowledge and skill into our unique products. They carry freshness of the pristine lakes, the aromas of the meadows and scent of the forests surrounding our homes.

Suodenniemi is known for its fresh air and clean waters, and wholesome activities have always been held in high regard here. We are proud of our clean environment at Suodenniemi that we want to bring to you, bottle by bottle, honoring the distilling tradition.

Tuori farm has passed from generation to generation since the 16th century. At the time, historical waterway of Kourajoki ran through the Tuori estate from the settled lands to the rugged wilderness and hunting grounds. Centuries later, tradition of distilling began, and moonshine was formed in the thickets of the river estuary. The log-driving pike on our logo portrays this story of the waterways and wilderness.

With the support of local families, we are now proudly restoring the local distilling tradition and know-how. By the means of that tradition, we wish to convey the age-old perseverance of our beloved home to the modern era.


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