Valikko Sulje


Tuori GIN

Feel in your nose: Refreshing breeze of lime zest, lemon balm and rose petals.
Taste in your mouth: Soft mouthfeel with hint of lime zest and lemon balm with rising coriander and delicate juniper towards the end.
Savor the afternotes: Coriander crescendo accompanied by juniper.

Tuori Original GIN

Feel in your nose: Roven berries and lemon.
Taste in your mouth: Characteristic roven berry opens the fanfare to be joined by smoother mouthfeel of hops and juniper notes with hint of coriander.
Savor the afternotes: Coriander, delicately on tart side.

Honey Moonshine

Feel in your nose: Strong, grainy and earthly with hint of honey and resin. Unapologetically moonshiny.
Taste in your mouth: Sharp with honey and grain. Slightly round, resinous palate smoothens the taste.
Savor the afternotes: Short with grains, hints of winter apple and flora of meadow in morning mist.

Oaked Honey Moonshine

Feel in your nose:
Spices aplenty, accompanied by vanilla, rye whisky and tannins.
Taste in your mouth: Honey, bourbon and hint of rye play powerfully together, backed up by oak tannins, some vanilla and sweetness of molasses.
Savor the afternotes: Long and dry with tannins, bourbon and vanilla. Dark rye bread and black pepper towards the end.

Other Products

Tuori Käsihuuhde

Tuori käsihuuhde on käsien ulkoiseen desinfiointiin tarkoitettu valmiste. Annostele kuiviin käsiin kunnon klöntti huuhdetta, hiero kauttaaltaan käsiin ja anna kuivua. Käyttö saattaa kuivattaa ihoa.