Valikko Sulje


Spirit of Honey


Feel in your nose: Softly spicy, accompanied by smooth and gentle hint of vanilla.

Taste in your mouth:  Sophistically matured authentic oak tannins and a hint of soft vanilla sweetness. In the background a hint of genuine meadow honey, with a hint of spiciness and rye. A unique taste experience.

Savor the afternotes: Clear, gently warming oakiness with sophisticated vanilla lingers in the mouth with a world of honey flavors.

Description: Tuori Spirit of Honey is the only long-barrel-matured noble distillate in the world made solely from genuine honey molasses. It is an amber-colored, annually produced premium artisan beverage hand-crafted from pure Finnish raw materials. Carefully cellared in oak barrels, it creates balanced but layered taste experience. The sophisticated flavor has nuances reminiscent of brandy and rye whisky with soft touch of vanilla. Unique aromas of honey distillate enliven the softly developed whole.

Honey Moonshine

Feel in your nose: Strong, grainy and earthly with hint of honey and resin. Unapologetically moonshiny.
Taste in your mouth: Sharp with honey and grain. Slightly round, resinous palate smoothens the taste.
Savor the afternotes: Short with grains, hints of winter apple and flora of meadow in morning mist.

Description: Tuori Honey Moonshine is a crystal-clear beverage fermented and distilled from Finnish honey molasses. It displays the skills of the elder dudes of the Tuori artisan distillery. Bearing its origins in clean northern nature, pure spring water and tradition of past generations, this unique drink brings you bold, but smooth enjoyment. The mildly resinous hints and round mouthfeel combines the lake-side meadows and resemblance of the wilderness of the woodlands on your tongue.

Oaked Honey Moonshine

Feel in your nose:
Spices aplenty, accompanied by vanilla, rye whisky and tannins.
Taste in your mouth: Honey, bourbon and hint of rye play powerfully together, backed up by oak tannins, some vanilla and sweetness of molasses.
Savor the afternotes: Long and dry with tannins, bourbon and vanilla. Dark rye bread and black pepper towards the end.

Description: Tuori Oaked Honey Moonshine is the refined form of pure Finnish flower honey. The spirit of this fine drink is acquired from honey molasses through multistep fermentation and careful distilling. Ennobled with French oak and matured in casks of Balkan oak, its taste has resemblances of dark rum and brandy, even hints of rye whisky and bourbon. The strong and smooth taste emphasizes the unique flavor of a fine distillate made from honey.

Tuori GIN

Feel in your nose: Refreshing breeze of lime zest, lemon balm and rose petals.
Taste in your mouth: Soft mouthfeel with hint of lime zest and lemon balm with rising coriander and delicate juniper towards the end.
Savor the afternotes: Coriander crescendo accompanied by juniper.

Description: Tuori Gin is a contemporary cocktail gin with its roots in the more traditional Tuori Original Gin. Lighter than it´s cousin, Tuori Gin has smooth and elegant citrus flavor accompanied by taste and aroma of locally produced herbs. With hints of berries, the gin is perfect fit in cocktails of both traditional nature or ones that are yet to discovered.

Tuori Original GIN

Feel in your nose: Roven berries and lemon.
Taste in your mouth: Characteristic roven berry opens the fanfare to be joined by smoother mouthfeel of hops and juniper notes with hint of coriander.
Savor the afternotes: Coriander, delicately on tart side.

Description: Displaying earthly notes with foundation of Finnish grains, Tuori Original Gin pays its respects to centuries old Tuori Estate and Finnish distilling tradition. Herbs hand-picked by the distillers convey this tradition wherever it is enjoyed. In addition to more traditional Gin herbals, raw materials from meadows and forest clearings, pure Finnish spring water and aroma of meadow flower nectar create together a unique blend for more mature taste.

Tuori G21


Feel in your nose: Lemon balm, hint of lime and rose petals 
Taste in your mouth: Smooth mouthfeel has with slight taste of lime and flowers and hint of lime zest. Coriander supports discreet ensemble of juniper and berries.
Savor the afternotes: Light notes of juniper and coriander linger among the taste of lime 

Description: Tuori G21, the clear distilled gin drink of light nature, is aimed for slightly lighter drinks and moments. Despite it´s gentle nature, the drink carries familiar aromatic scenery of gin and fits splendidly in various cocktails instead of traditional gin. G21 entails nature of Tuori Original Gin with slight taste of berries accompanied with smooth herbal breeze.